311 Hauss Square
City / County Building
New Albany, Indiana 47150
812-948-5400 (Communications Center)
FCSD Hiring Information
FCSD Hiring Information
The Floyd County Sheriff's Department has several employement opportunities that include patrol officers, communications center, corrections officers, nurses, civil process officers, criminal investigations, and other department positions.

Floyd County Sheriff Hiring Status

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The status was last updated: April 15, 2014
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Applications may be picked up at the front lobby of the Floyd County Sheriff's Department at 311 Hauss Square in New Albany

or Download the Application at the link below:

Position:  Patrolman

Probationary Officer:     $35,875 (2008) – $37,669 (2009)

1st Class Patrolman:       $37,764 (2008) – $39,652 (2009)

601 Requirements for Floyd County Deputy Sheriffs / County Policemen:

No applicant or employee shall be discriminated against, or favored with respect as to the hiring, tenure terms, conditions, or privileges of employment or any matter directly or indirectly related to employment because of race, sex, religion, national origin or ancestry.  Each applicant or employee will be limited only by his own abilities and qualifications, and the Department will endeavor to select, hire, and maintain in its employ only the best qualified persons available for any particular position.

All County Police Officers shall be appointed to the Department.

  • 1. By the Sheriff with approval of the Merit Board.

  • 2. Only after the satisfactory completion of the selection procedures prescribed by the Sheriff and the Board, provided that such appointees shall have not passed their thirty-fifth (35th) birthday on the date of appointment.  This provision may be waived by the Merit Board.

  • 3. For probationary periods of one (1) year, during which the probationer may be discharged by the Sheriff without the right of hearing before the Board.

  • 4.  Permanently by the Sheriff and the Merit Board upon the satisfactory completion of the probationary period.

B.  Only the applicant who meets the following initial standards will be considered for the position of deputy sheriffs and/or County policemen:

  • 1.  Must be a citizen of the United States.

  • 2.  Must be a resident of Floyd County on date of employment.

  • 3.  Must be between the ages of twenty-one (21) and thirty-five (35) years, inclusive when appointed as a police employee, unless this provision is  waived by the Merit Board.

  • 4.  Must have a high school diploma or its equivalency as accepted by the Superintendent of Public Instructions for the State of Indiana.

  • 5.  Must not have a record of conviction of felony or any crime involving moral turpitude

  • 6.  Must agree to a thorough physical examination by a family physician and a physician designated by the Department.  No recourse to a negative  judgment of either physician is permitted.

  • 7.  Must have a non-negligent automobile accident record.

  • 8.  Must have a valid Indiana Driver's License.

  • 9.  Must have a verifiable good record of previous employment.

  • 10. Must have a good credit rating.

  • 11. Must be in sound mental and physical health.

  • 12. Must take a written test.

  • 13.  Must be willing to appear for a Department interview by staff officers.

  • 14.  Must be willing to submit to a thorough character investigation by the Department

  • 15.  Must sign a loyalty oath.

  • 16. Must be willing to work a revolving shift schedule, if required.

  • 17. Must submit to being fingerprinted.

  • 18. Primary source of income must be from the Floyd County Sheriff's Department.

  • 19. Vision must be at least 20/100 uncorrected and at least 20/30 corrected in each eye.

601.5  Procedure for Lateral Transfer Program for New Merit Employees:

Qualified Lateral Transfer Candidates shall refer to individuals who have successfully completed the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Basic Course and are either currently employed, or have been employed within the previous two (2) years, with a law enforcement agency in Indiana.  Candidates must meet all criteria set forth in Section 601 (B) of the Floyd County Police Rules and Regulations, with the exception of #12 (written test).  Candidates must also reside in Floyd County no later than thirty (30) days prior to their (1) year anniversary of becoming a Floyd County Police Officer.

A. Hiring Process for Qualified Lateral Transfer Candidates

  • 1.  Candidates must submit a standard application for employment and include all ILEA documentation.

  • 2.  Candidates must submit to a physical agility assessment.

  • 3.  Candidates must undergo a thorough background investigation.

  • 4.  Candidates must submit to a polygraph examination.

  • 5.  Candidates must appear before the Floyd County Police Merit Board for an interview and review of their qualifications for approval.

  • 6. The Sheriff of Floyd County shall have final approval.

B.  Compensation and Training for Qualified Lateral Transfer Employees

  • 1. Candidates hired under the Lateral Transfer Program shall serve a one (1) year probationary period, however the Sheriff shall make a request to the Floyd County Council to waive the customary probationary salary and compensate a police officer hired under this program a salary equal to that of a 1st Class Patrolman.

  • 2.  Candidates shall be evaluated under the guidelines set forth in the Floyd County Police Field Training Program regarding Lateral Transfers.

602  Procedure for Selection of New Merit Employees:

  • A.  The Sheriff will inform citizens of Floyd County that a specified period exists when applications for employment as Floyd County Deputy Sheriffs and/or  County Policemen will be accepted.  (The press and other news media will be utilized)

  • B.  All those applicants who have successfully completed all requirements for employment but were not chosen, due to their status on the eligibility list,  will be instructed when to refile, providing they are still interested in employment.

  • C.  All applications meeting requirements shall be given written tests recommended by the Sheriff and approved by the Merit Board.

  • D.  Those applicants receiving acceptable grades on the test will undergo a thorough character investigation.

  • E.   Those applicants surviving the character investigation and written tests will be interviewed by a committee of staff officers and graded on appearance, manner of speech, etc.

  • F.  After consideration of the results of the written test, character investigation, and personal interview, qualified applications will be submitted to the  Merit Board for review, selection and final approval.  The applicant shall also personally appear before the Merit Board.

  • G.  All applicants to be appointed will be given a physical examination prior to appointment by a physician selected by the Sheriff and Merit Board.